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Have you always wanted to MAKE something good with your life -- and more than good, something truly great and noble?  Maybe even potentially world-changing?


But you don't know how.  Or even what the next step ought to be....


Do you admire the HEROIC CREATIVE ACHIEVEMENTS that human beings have accomplished in the arts, sciences, business, technology -- and do you have the desire and drive to make your own worthy contribution....but are feeling stuck in the process?


Do you know deep inside that you have so much potential to be, do, and create more -- but you're not yet fully living it?


Would you benefit from a systematic method that will help you to think differently, generate your own unique & valuable ideas, put them into practice and tangible form -- so you can live a life that is FULL, MEANINGFUL, and UNIQUELY YOUR OWN

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Creative Top-Level Performance Starter Kit

Watch 6 Video Trainings and Get Access to Unique Self-Assessment Tools and Exercises that can help you to:

  • Put in Place a System that Will Enable You to Discover New Valuable Ideas, Beliefs, Tools, and Practices You need to break through the obstacles that have been holding back your creative success, and feel primed to continuously produce new, good work.

  • Reclaim & Amplify a Child-Like Sense of Wonder About the World and its Possibilities - to Fuel Your Creative Development Because you want to experience that youthful sense of joy and excitement, but charged up by your adult knowledge and wisdom.

  • Go Deeper with Your Life's Purpose - Or, Perhaps, Create a New and Better Strategic Purpose It's up to you to build the best-possible life, but first you need to get clarity on your deepest motivations and figure out a reality-based roadmap to achievement that will work for you.

  • Generate Mind-Body Energy On-Demand In order to be your best self and live your best life, you need the physical, mental, and emotional stamina that will make it possible for you to produce your life's work and experience all that life has to offer you.

  • Sharpen Your Creativity & Innovation Skills to Reach the Next Level of Achievement It often happens that the skills that got you to where you're at now won't be enough to get you the next level of transformation -- you need new skills if you will continue to grow.


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By ACTING NOW, you can receive the Creative Top-Level Performance Starter Kit online course -- valued at $197 -- for the limited time launch price of only $37!


Here's a peek into the system you will experience:


Module 1 - Cultivating Your Curiosity

  • Discover why and how to cultivate curiosity as the first step to leading a more creative life. 
  • Learn the #1 kind of curiosity that history's most innovative people come to master.

Module 2 - Clarifying Your Motivation

  • Explore an effective technique to uncover and articulate your deepest levels of motivation, so you will understand better than you ever have before who you are and ought to be.
  • Find out how to focus your curiosity and work into a purpose that is truly unique and innovative.

Module 3 - Generating Mind-Body Energy

  • Learn the 4 areas you need to target in order to feel energized and alive every day (it's only 4!)
  • Explore a quick and easy exercise to charge you up in the middle of the day that only takes 2 minutes to complete.

Module 4 - Creating Your Life's Work

  • Improve your daily productivity with just 2 simple-but-key steps.
  • Revealed: the #1 exercise that will have you continually generating new, original insights.

Module 5 - Enhancing Your Relationships

  • Find out the most important kinds of relationships you ought to be nurturing right now for a full, fulfilling creative life.
  • Learn how to better understand others so that you can experience deeper connection and compassion and build stronger relationships.

Module 6 - Encouraging Growth

  • Learn how to step into your future better self and live more authentically with courage.
  • Find out the 2 most important traits you can develop if you want your work to have positive, world-changing impact. 



Bonus 1 - Thinking Beyond Systems (Video Training)

  • How to think through, across, and around systems in order to go beyond and explore something truly unique.


Bonus 2 - "Cheerful Disagreement" (Video Training)

  • How to beat "perfectionist paralysis" and resistance to change so you will be sure to continually evolve and reach your potential.

Additional Content

  • The price of this course WILL GO UP later in 2019 as more content is added.  But you can enroll now for the low $37 price point and get lifetime access to the course, including all future additions.






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FREE 30-Minute 1:1 Coaching Call with Joia to develop your own personalized

"Now-to-Future Creativity Strategy"

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Kara Joia Houheneka Kizis

Founder, Creative Achievements Coaching 

Meet Your Coach


Hello, World!


I'm Joia, founder of Creative Achievements Coaching.


My mission is to support high achievers in their quests to produce ever-growing, world-changing impact.


I work with creators, thought-leaders, founders, and other brilliant & positive individuals to challenge and inspire them in their personal and professional development.


Are you ready to discover, think, and create more?


See What People Say About Working with Joia:

A Hearty Recommendation for Joia


She is intelligent, penetrating, articulate, and insightful.  She is also a very good listener.  Also, Joia possesses an additional quality that I believe is quite rare: she has the ability to determine the essential nature of my goal, and, with that insight, to devise suggestions and strategies.

Joseph D.

New York, NY

To Anyone Who Has a Passion and Needs Help in Pursuing it to the Next Level


By working with Joia, I was able to regain my focus and establish a path to achieving my goals. The exercises in the course gave me the ability to harness my mind in a way that I would not have been able to do on my own.  I recommend the course.

Stephan W.

New York, NY


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