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Hello, World!


I'm Joia. I'm an entrepreneur, a writer, and a speaker. But I believe my most important work is as a coach. I'm passionate about supporting ambitious founders & innovators to help you get unstuck and create greater fulfillment and lasting success on your own terms

Transformation - It's an Inside Job

Have you ever felt deep inside that you were made for so much more than the life you're currently living?


If so, I can totally relate.  That's exactly where I was about 10 years ago.


I had spent my entire childhood into young adult life working hard to be a straight-A student, progressing from an Honors College curriculum into a prestigious Ph.D. program. But I was successful only because I was writing the papers I knew my teachers expected...


The irony was, I had started this program because I wanted to learn as much as I could about history's greatest creators and innovators.  But in doing all the scholarship work that was expected of me, my own creativity was being stifled. 


I stood up in front of a room of college students to deliver the lesson I knew I was *supposed* to teach, while knowing simultaneously I didn't believe in it.  I wasn't quite sure what, exactly, I did believe, but I knew it wasn't this.


I knew first only that I had to escape. That I wasn't living in integrity with who I wanted to be. That I needed to figure out just who I wanted to be, who I could be.


What followed was a long struggle and a path as I delved into my own autodidactic studies of innovation and creativity across disciplines and across history.  I wasn't exactly yet sure what it was all leading up to...but deep inside, I knew I was on the path to become a massively mission-driven entrepreneur. 


Finally, I reached a series of breakthroughs as I integrated my ideas with work as a fitness instructor, meditation teacher, and now finally also as a coach, one who specializes in innovation, transformation, and high performance so I can support other entrepreneurial individuals to articulate their next big idea, test, validate, and grow successful mission-driven businesses and lives of their own.


What is Transformational Coaching?


Transformational coaching is about shifting your mindset and developing a powerful new sense of internal clarity -- your thinking will be challenged and you will develop a clear sense of mission, purpose, and self-mastery so that you are then empowered to go forth and be effective in changing the world.


In Transformational Coaching, we will put to the test your ideas and worldview, dismantle any limiting beliefs, and set you up with the high performance practices and habits that will empower you to live at your full and unique potential.


If you know deep inside that, in spite of whatever you may already have achieved, that you are not yet showing up as the fullest version of yourself, we should talk.

Are you ready to take your life and business to the next level?

If you're like me and my clients, you have a strong desire to live every day from a place of mission and authenticity. As far as I'm concerned, it's the only way to live.


However, there can be several obstacles that get in the way for the best of us and keep us from reaching our full potentials. Here are 3 I find to be common for otherwise high achievers:


Overwhelm. You're ready for change, and there are so many options you could potentially pursue - but it's getting out of control. So instead of making forward progress, you feel like you're drowning in a sea of overwhelm. You WANT to reach your goals quickly and efficiently, but instead you're just floundering.


Fear of Failure / Disappointment. If you're used to always winning (even if it's always been at someone else's game), it's hard to face the risk of failure. The problem is, even with all the trophies and accolades others may give you, deep inside you know you're still unfulfilled.   


Lack of Clarity / Efficacy. You know what you DON't want...but you're not quite sure yet exactly what you DO want, or how you would get there. And you'd rather not spend years pursuing dead-ends, especially if there's a quicker, effective way to figure out your new big idea and release your potential.  



Does any of this sound like you? If so, we should talk.


Creative Achievements Coaching is NOT for Everyone.

I like to be clear upfront that my coaching is not for everyone.


Coaching is an investment you make in yourself and your future. It requires being vulnerable, being willing to examine yourself and your life with brutal honesty, and working to make changes from the inside out.


This, honestly, is true of all good coaching. But my brand of transformational coaching, Creative Achievements Coaching, goes beyond that.


Here are 5 key criteria I require from my clients:

  • Have (or Passionately Want) a Massive Mission. I only work with clients who are sincere in wanting to be mission-driven and wanting to make a BIG impact in the world. It is common for my clients to find greater clarity about their purpose and to experience that the scope of their mission has expanded once we work together.

  • Inspire Me. It is often the case that my clients feel inspired by our work together. But if that's true, I think it's because I only will work with people I personally find to be inspiring.

  • Bring a Challenge. I want to continually be growing both as a coach and a human being - and we all grow by being challenged. 

  • Understand the Power of Commitment. I commit to bringing my best self to every coaching session, and I expect for you to do the same.

  • Play! Coaching is serious work. But like most serious business, it goes best when we all relax, have fun, are willing to be explorers, and play. :-)

If you're interested to discover more, your next step is to fill-out the online application and schedule your complimentary coaching session:   

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